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Welcome to Blanchard Creek Dexters

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Farm Dog

Our two beautiful brood cows and our gorgeous bull are for sale.

We want them to stay together and so we are offering a discount.  You will only pay $5,400 for the three of them if you are willing to purchase them together.  They are best friends, and perfectly matched in temperament.  This small herd is your perfect start for your new, small operation, or to enhance your existing operation.  Both girls are bred by Beau, with estimated April due dates.

Read on to learn about our special Dexters.

Home: History

About Us

It started in 2008 with research into the best bovine breed for a small farm.   A breed that could produce milk.   A breed that can convert green grass and hay to beef most efficiently.  And a breed that is docile.  The search was for the multi-purpose family cow.   And after much study, the perfect breed for all three requisites presented itself:   The Dexter Breed.  

The next step was to search for the best of the best breeders to start our small herd.   After over a year of continued searches, many phone calls, more searches with much more reading, I found my mentors and premier breeders.  

Dr. Gabriella Nanci of Belle Fourche Farm:  “Our breeding goals have remained very similar to what they were in 1988; small proportionate animals with good udders, good dual purpose characteristics, and gentle dispositions; the ideal family cow.  After more than 25 years breeding for these goals, we have created a very consistent herd”.         


Stefani Millman of Emerald Park Farm:  “Breed Standard – A dual-purpose animal is bred to serve two functions:  Milk and beef.  The Dexter is to be compactly built, shorter in length than that of a true dairy breed but thicker in the thighs, hips, loin, and shoulders.   Its disposition should be easy to handle and docile as its main purpose is to be a family cow.  It should not be overly large and tall, nor should it be excessively small.”

The two of these impressive women co-authored Dexter Cattle, A Breeders’ Notebook.   Gabriella and Stefani made themselves hugely accessible to me as I got my start, to my everlasting gratitude. 

My cattle have their roots in the expertise of these mentors with their focus on selective breeding:  proper conformation including focus on feet and legs, udder support, testicular correctness, docility, and productive selectiveness. 

 As bonuses, I’m also partial to polled animals , animals that are less bothered from flies, super mothering qualities, super duper docility (meaning not being jerks to their owners or to others in the herd) and less proclivity to scours.    Stefani laughed and said “Ah yes, Elena.  You are going for the Cadillac with leather upholstery.”     These are the goals of selective breeding.    We’re well on the way.   

Our heifers will enhance similar goals for your own breeding program.   Check out our girls and their excellent qualities and pedigree. 

As an after note, Stefani kids me that I am a horrible photographer.   I  strongly agree.   In my defense, the sun, the uneven lay of the land,  nor my cattle care much about cooperating.    That being said, cattle on the move help the viewer to discern proper conformation of legs and feet.   Check out the ‘on the move photos.’  

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Our Small and Special Herd

They are all polled, Chondro and PHA non-carriers, and have very nice conformation with perfect legs and feet.  They are super docile, nice to each other and to humans.  (We culled a couple who weren’t as nice.)   All have their genetic markers records at UC Davis.  All have their roots in Belle Fourche and Emerald Park stock.

Five Star Beau three years old.JPG

Our Sire

Five Star Beau is our homozygous-polled, handsome bull who thinks he’s a dog.  He’s been trained not to play with his head, but loves to get scratched all over.   For being gentle with his big head and strong neck, he is rewarded with vigorous scratching under his jaw which is his favorite.    He is very protective of his girls, and gentle with his new calves.  We’ve seen him take the lead in facing/chasing down unwelcome canines in his pasture who get too close to his herd.  But he’s on a nose-kissing basis with our own canines.  

Buttertosh perfect Mom.JPG

Our Brood Cows

Buttertosh Blanchard Creek is our beautiful brood cow whose dam Svo Sos Butter and sire Belle Fourche Macintosh passed their extraordinary qualities to their heifer.   Buttertosh is correct, beefy, has a perfect udder and is friendly to her herd and humans alike.   Just like her Dam, she’s an incredibly attentive Mama, and she gives us awesome milk.   Last year, once per day, I would prevail on her bull (steer) calf to share with me.  That little guy would take one side and I’d take the other.   Periodically, he’d tuck his head all the way under, giving me a snort, not appreciating the daily interloper.  Tosh never seemed to mind.

This year I’m not milking Tosh.  Her heifer, destined to be an awesome brood cow in her own right, gets everything.

Chaneys JoJo  

JoJo is our real milker cow.  After 5 calves, she still has the most perfect udder we’ve ever seen with loads of lovely milk.   She throws gorgeous calves, and is the most docile cow we have.  But that doesn’t mean she’s a pushover.  She stands her ground if someone tries to hone in on her food.   Her favorite thing is to greet us by gently scratching her forehead on our legs.  We call it the JoJo kiss.

Jojo with JojoBelle nice udder.JPG
Home: Our Farm

Our Spring 2018 Heifers for Sale have SOLD together to a large animal veterinarian not far from here.  How cool is that?!  Check back with us for the two spring 2019s who are baking in the oven.   We'll see what we get.

Home: Mission
JoJoBelle in motion.JPG

JoJoBelle Blanchard Creek

This girl appears to have gotten the beef from her sire, and will very likely have the perfect udder from both her sire’s and her dam’s sides.  She is homozygous polled and so she’ll always throw polled calves.  With her pedigree and parentage qualities, she’ll be an awesome brood cow.

Tosha Belle in motion.JPG

ToshaBelle Blanchard Creek  This girl’s got the beef from both her sire and dam, and will also have the udder and docile temperament of her parents.   She’s heterozygous polled. She’s A2/B on the Milk Protein.  Check this girl’s pedigree.  

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We're proud of our small breeding program.   Our goal is to raise heifers that will strongly enhance breeding programs in the Dexter Community.  Drop us an email.

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Newport, WA 99156, USA

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